Set of 4 notes - 100, 5000, 10000 and 100000


The Republic of Winthroopstan was created by Emperor Dennis I on 14 May 2015. Some months before Emperor Dennis had found out about micronationalism through a VICE video about the "Königreich Deutschland", a monarchy in Germany. He was interested in the idea of micronationalism, but hadn't come to the idea of starting his own nation yet. A short time later, he read about Liberland in a news article, and therefore became fascinated by the idea of creating his own country. Soon after the Emperor declared independence from Germany, and then a poor quality flag was designed(which would later be changed to the current flag). The Emperor based his country's name on one of the characters in his YouTube skits, a bear named 'Winthroop Poop', a British spy who disguised himself as Winnie the Pooh to assassinate Pooh's best friend. This is how the infamous "bear obsession" started. Two good friends of the Emperor quickly became citizens, bringing great enthusiasm to the heyday of the nation.

Winthroopstan set of 4 notes


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