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The Republic of Vevčani  – also known as the Independent Republic of Vevčani – was a short lived self-proclaimed country on the territory of Macedonia after the fall of Yugoslavia in 1991 and as of 2000 is a micronation. The residents of the same-named village planned to create their own independent state right after the Vevčani Emergency in 1987 because of the attempt of the Communist government to redirect the water springs of the village which resulted with massive demonstrations from the people of Vevčani. Soon after the accident the villagers spoke for independent Vevčani and more democracy in SFR Yugoslavia. After the breakup of Yugoslavia the residents made a new independent state of Vevčani on 19 September 1991 having in plan to preserve the springs and to increase tourism. Vevčani proclaimed a republic and made their own flag and coat of arms. Soon after the self-proclamation on 8 April 1993 Vevčani fall under jurisdiction of the Struga Municipality of Macedonia and the republic came to an end. In 2000 the republic was recreated as a model country to attract tourism.

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