A construct by Michael Costa, a renowned author and Egyptologist. According to Pharaoh M7's Facebook page: "M7 Founded the UEIR after 1975 CE. The citizens of Duat (The Ancient Egyptian Otherworld where the spirits of the Kemtites went to after death from Earth; also called Heaven or Paradise in later faiths) crowned M7 Pharaoh upon his resurrection in 1975 CE. M7 is a reincarnated Pharaoh from Kemt, and only reborn Kemtites can be government agents of the UEIR. The UEIR has secretly and covertly conquered and overthrew corrupt (human) governments since its foundation. Its purpose is to conquer and thus civilize the human world. We spread intellect not oppression. This can be done peacefully, but the nature of humanity would rather go to war, or perish for their beliefs. After the conquest of USA in 1993, M7 became First Consul of Iapana Province, on the East Pacific Rim. This lasted 10 years from 1994-2004, when it expired. M7 became Emperor of UEIR in 2007. This includes territories acquired after 2001. The USA has been advertising the UEIR since 1993, via global efforts and our symbolism, quotes, data, actions, imagery, law codes, and other media. The CIA has classified UEIR and M7 as 'top secret' to prevent public reactions, though the reactions have been civil."

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