Rare prototype £1 sample/specimen notes for the JustMoney scheme in Tewkesbury. This is a scheme in the making and we are sure we will hear more about this soon. However, the note offered here is a specimen note, of which only 50 copies were printed. Despite being new (2019), this is bound to become impossible to collect in the future. 


JustMoney is a concept which relies on a cooperative philosophy. When working fully, the idea will be rolled out across the country, but Tewkesbury is being investigated to pilot the scheme. JustMoney printed Tewkesbury pounds as samples for a proposed local Community Currency scheme in 2019 to show around the local area and garner support.

The concept is still evolving. Simon Carter, the founder of JustMoney, says that modern money supply is based on a debt culture which he wants to change to a gift culture. If a business converts pounds sterling to community currency, and then donates them, the business converts them to gifts. This payment has the added benefit of supporting the neediest as well as stimulating the local economy.

Simon proposes to have the currency accepted across the town, even in places such as Aldi. If only niche, local stores accept the currency, it misses a large demographic who through personal circumstances can only shop in the cheaper chains. He argues that people who are ecologically aware shop locally through choice and do not need the added incentive of a local currency. His notes are designed to be spent and to circulate, like the Wörgl schilling, rather than be hoarded by multi-national chains to be spent on Executive bonuses by head office.

JustMoney is designed to be accepted across the country. He advocates writing on each note. 'Community Currency, ethical money'. 'Created from the kindness of the people of Tewkesbury', or Totnes or Tooting or wherever the case might be. If a note is gifted into existence through a donation in Tewkesbury to fund a local cause, he would not mind if someone spent anywhere from Truro to Thirsk. He sees these vouchers as money serving the community, as opposed to debt-based money that only serves the banks.

Tewkesbury £1 voucher


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