We are delighted to offer some rare, Bath Olivers. No, not the biscuits, ten year old eco-based local currency from Somerset.


In 2011, Bath decided it would introduce its own currency, not pegged to pounds sterling. Quoting from their website, "It is hoped the Oliver will become as much a part of Bath as anything else it is famous for. Many people in this City are serious about eco-living, bartering and alternate lifestyles. The Oliver presents a means to facilitate some of this. Its present value, in 2012, is 40-50p. However, as with any functioning currency, market forces dictate the value. It may well change in value over the coming months as it finds its feet."


According to Jay Risbridger, one of the founders of the scheme: "I used an exclusive stock of UK produced hemp paper which was watermarked with a hemp leaf design. This high-quality hemp paper was made by the legendary environmentalist John Hansen, after a bet with Teddy Goldsmith, then editor of The Ecologist. The bet was he couldn't make a hemp paper of good enough quality for the Ecologist magazine to be printed on. If he did make the paper, then the magazine would be printed on it. He made the paper, and for a considerable time The Ecologist had a section in it that was printed on John's hemp paper."Alas, despite all the goodwill, the scheme did not catch on and folded in 2015.


We can supply this unusual gift -

Inserted in a custom printed card to our unique design, with description leaflet, premium envelope and cellophane wrapper.  

Ten Oliver Eco-Gift hemp note

Card or mount

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