Set of five notes - $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 and two coins (not illustrated). 


The United Territories of Sky Haven 天港翊國 - also known for as UTSH, IK or Sky Haven - is a nation located on Yue Continent near in the Pacific Ocean near Zealandia. UTSH is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of governance. The monarch is Tenzi YauHang Williem Ten, who has reigned since 24 April 2006. The UTSH consists of 35 countries - Narpotan, Paxvik, Konkride, Sagwi, Metopa, Nordora, Solartendo, Kagoa, Hakiwowo, Flyttanbo, Ekypax, Silhoue, Stlehood, Deeka, Lotum, Lincyise, Alpecon, Lwa, Tiramor, Aoru, Seedor, Nife, Paer, Yur, Louno, Soare, Walyasipace, Toseru, Okon, Kuudo, Aquapotismo, Kearo, Foamic, Indonti and Zwan. All countries excepted the last two have devolved administration each with varying powers.

Sky Haven set of 5 notes and coins


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