The Petonian Commonwealth (a defunct micronation) was founded in 2007 by Peter Philip Crisci as a means of disassociating from global problems and as an attempt to create a civilization apart from them. Peter Crisci describes his rational for creating this entity: "To consider the affairs of the world is a dismal exercise. They are a scene of unfathomable evil that often eclipses the good that does exist. This evil cannot be overturned by the fundamental goodness of human nature or by any action of the individual. The majority of the blind collectives into which people have divided either greedily benefit from the existing condition or have a fanatical desire to continue it. Consequently, the only logical option for the virtuous and idealistic is to disassociate from it by means of the most sacred right of self-determination. One way to exercise this right is to create a new nation that personifies the values one wishes to perpetuate. It is a more practical endeavor to create a nation than to attempt to change those that already exist." Honorary citizens were trustees of the nation’s goals and the personification of its ideals. Honorary citizens were considered fully Petonian, but could not vote or hold public office. They were urged, however, to participate in the country by exchanging ideas, petitioning the government, and interacting with other Petonians.

Petonian Commonwealth 1/6th Petone


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