BECOME AN INSTANT MILLIONAIRE! Show your special person how much you value them.


Enclosed with this gift card is a genuine third-series banknote from Zimbabwe. This type of currency was used as soon as it was produced and we will be supplying used notes with these cards.


This "Million Dollar" note was issued during their hyper-inflationary period, on the 3rd November 2008. By the 4th of December, these were worthless and superseded by higher value notes. 


The final note in this series was a 100 trillion note issued in January 2009, before the government devalued the currency by 1 trillion! Inflation continued, and the new 4th series was suspended.
At this time, inflation was running at 80 BILLION percent! On the morning of the 7th November, the official exchange rate to the US dollar was 182 trillion to one. By the evening it was 663 trillion to one. 


The note features the famous Chiremba Balancing Rocks on the obverse and the Great Zimbabwe ruins and a bull on the reverse. They are signed by the then Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Doctor Gideon Gono.

We can supply this unusual gift -

Inserted in a custom printed card to our unique design, with description leaflet, premium envelope and cellophane wrapper.  

Millionaire Gift Pack

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