This is a genuine IMA 10 'Love and Good Karma' note.


Appropriately, all the Transition Towns with or considering launching currencies (paper or digital) are invited to become members of the Independent Money Alliance. This body, started in Bristol in partnership between the Bristol, Brixton and Exeter Pounds and the London School of Economics, has the aim of bringing 'counter-currencies, activists and academics under one roof to share ideas'. Its inaugural meeting was in Glasgow in 2017, where the uplifting key speakers held the audience riveted. 

For collectors, the highlight of the event was the beautiful, inaugural IMA 10 'Love' note presented to delegates to commemorate the conference. 


We are delighted to offer you this note as a token of love and good karma to your special ones.  


We can supply this unusual gift -

Inserted in a custom printed card to our unique design, with description leaflet, premium envelope and cellophane wrapper.  

Love and Good Karma Gift Pack

Card or mount

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