In this beautifully printed, Special First Edition of the 2018 LD£ Storybook, explore the people, places and intriguing local stories behind our very first LD£ designs. Discover exclusive illustrations and special features, contributed poetry from local artists...and hidden stories for all ages to enjoy. 


Lake District Pounds were issued in 2018 by The Lakes Currency Project Ltd. which is not a transition initiative, rather a business. Notably, enshrined in their articles it states: "Every LD£ you keep helps create proceeds which we'll split between our two charity partners: the Lake District Foundation and the Cumbria Community Foundation. The Lake District Foundation funds projects that help preserve and protect our unique landscape and environment. The Cumbria Community Foundation provides grants for causes which help people in need across the county." 
The notes are widely exchangeable for goods and services in over 350 outlets in the District. Unlike transition schemes, there is no network for the traders to spend the money and keep the trade local. The notes are a beautiful addition to the local currency scene and with a short expiry date will no doubt become very collectable. 

Lake District 2018 storybook


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