During the 1950s, the tiny island of Herm in the Channel Islands issued tourist pound coupons for use in several local hotels and gift shops (listed on the front of the note). The regular vouchers are relatively easy to find, but there are some highly sought-after variants and samples. The notes were featured in 'The Smaller Channel Islands Catalogue', which mainly catalogued stamps and was written by Anders Backman and Robert Forrester. 
The notes redeemability clause reads as follows:
'To the Managers of 
The White House Hotel, Herm, 
The Old Boat Gift Shop, Herm, 
The Mermaid Tavern, Herm, 
The Long Barn Snack Bar, Herm, 
The Beach Huts, Herm.
This Coupon will be redeemed for one pound at the Herm Island Administration Office provided you have accepted it from the person named herein and allowed to him or her £1 in goods or services."
The vouchers were issued to named people valid for a short, specific time (the dates of their holiday). It would then be stamped and signed twice by the Secretary and the Accountant.

Herm 1950s £1 voucher SAMPLE


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