Unusually, the Hay-on-Wye vouchers were introduced by the Chamber of Commerce, rather than by a transition scheme. Whether these are vouchers as the Brighton and Hove scheme, or whether they fall more in the Lakes model does not matter. As far as this book is concerned, they are town-wide trading currency. The CoC claims they are usable in 95% of the shops in Hay. 
The scheme was launched in 2015 at the town's switching on of their Christmas lights on 26 November. Debbie Davies, a partner at Pughs @ Londis, came up with the proposal as a way of keeping money in the town. At the Chamber of Commerce, Andrew Williams was wholeheartedly behind the idea. Four-hundred pounds worth of printing later and £15,000 had been ringfenced for the town's economy.      

Hay-on-Wye £20 coupon


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