Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića (The Hajduk Republic of Mijat Tomić) is the self-proclaimed micronation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, spread over several hectares between the mountains of Vran and Čvrsnica, in the middle of the Blidinje Nature Park in western Herzegovina. The founder and first ruler was motel owner Vinko Vukoja–Lastvić. The republic was founded on the day of Diva Grabovčeva (29 June) in 2002, named after famous hajduk Mijat Tomić, who had its hiding place in the nearby caves. The seat of this republic is in the motel Hajdučke vrleti, whose owner is the sole ruler of this micronation which encompasses the area inside the highest peak of Vran mountain, the chapel of sv. Ante and the Risovac-Kedžara highway. This republic has also its Constitution, flag, passport, territory and borders. One important thing – formation of political parties is strictly forbidden, as well as any dealing with politics, since it is not good for human health. Its state flag has a white background; in the upper left corner is the red the state coat-of-arms - chessboard, and in the middle is with blue color marked the picture of Mijat Tomić. The currency has been issued in three variants, the first issue of which is extremely rare.

Hajdducka Republic - C series 200 kubura


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