Want to say 'thank you' with a Favour? Well this is the perfect banknote to do just that. On offer is an extremely rare note from North Yorkshire. 


The Calderdale LETscheme met in 1998 to discuss the introduction of paper currency for the Hebden Bridge area of Yorkshire, called a Favour. In April 2000, they printed 3,000 Favours worth of currency and stamped 1,000 favours worth for use, split over five different values. It is estimated that fewer than 500 one-favour notes were produced. Some locals test-drove the scheme, but it was not well accepted. By the end of 2001, the scheme was failing and was retired in 2002. 


In the spirit of the scheme, the Favours were intended to be a time-based currency with five favours representing an hour's work. So this rare offering is worth 12 minutes work from your friend! (But we won't tell them that if you don't!)

We can supply this unusual gift -

Inserted in a custom printed card to our unique design, with description leaflet, premium envelope and cellophane wrapper.  

Favour Gift Pack

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