After two years of hard work by a steering group, Exeter joined the swelling ranks of the transition town currencies in 2015. The first note was spent by Exeter's Lord Mayor, Councillor Olwen Margaret Foggin, outside the city's cathedral at 11am on 1 September, when, in a mirror of Bristol's first issue launch, she bought a loaf of bread. Exeter's platform opened with more than 100 outlets and at its height, almost doubled the number. Exeter Cathedral accepted the new money in its shop and cafeteria as well as for admission charges.  Churches were told they were likely to find the paper notes in their collection plates. 
The two unusual currencies (E£4.50 and E£15) were well advertised and well received. 
The E£15 note was issued to commemorate the 2015 Rugby World Cup which held three of its matches at the local Sandy Park Rugby stadium. 
However, for a multitude of reasons (and there were many promulgated, among which were the diminishing use of cash and regulatory obstacles to launching a digital currency), the scheme did not prove viable. Regrettably, in the autumn of 2018, the board of the Exeter Pound announced the scheme's closure.

Exeter 2016 E£4.50 note

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