Elleore is one of the oldest micronations on earth. From its establishment in 1944, it has gone from strength to strength. Going with the times, the first form of government, a secret cabinet, was replaced by an ordinary cabinet, taking care of the running of the country. The monarch is mostly a representative, while the real power lies in the hands of the Imperial Council (Rigsraad), who are in fact the Elleoresamfundet heads. All the trappings of any self-respecting micronation and more are in place: flag, money, stamps, universities, historians, sports and leisure activities, sometimes even stunt 'wars' and peace negotiations with neighbouring countries. Elleore is more than just a tiny isle in Roskilde Fjord (Denmark). It is also a close-knit community of mostly young people - the citizens, and last but not least an idealistic approach to life.

Elleore 1980 100 Hvid

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