Birnbeck Pier, off the coast at Weston-Super-Mare, was built in 1864. It still stands, although now derelict, and is unique among British piers in that it links an island to the mainland. The pier housed amusements, a funfair, café and a pavilion. Part of its attraction was to accept steamers from the Welsh coast and other ports in Dorset and North Devon. In the early 1970s, the pier was sold to John Critchley, who redeveloped it as a 'Victorian Pleasure Centre'. During his 'Victorian Evenings', visitors were discouraged from using sterling and were urged to change money for Victorian currency on entry. Due to the passage of time, we are not certain of the exchange rate, but it is thought one pound sterling (in 1971) bought you sixpence in Victorian currency. For those who do not know, a farthing was a quarter of a penny, there were twelve pence to a shilling and twenty shillings to a pound. 

Birnbeck one farthing note

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