A community driven feature film, participatory bank and playful act of economic education and change. An unlikely team, seemingly insurmountable odds, even explosions… taking steps towards a future in which money works for us all. Debt is an integral component of our current system of inequality. 97% of all money is conjured into reality at the moment when banks make loans. This means our money supply is effectively on lease from private banks – giving them inordinate power determine the course of our economic, social and common good. Yet the public do not yet fully understand the way money comes into existence – and while they remain in the dark, there will be no way to change course. Our act of citizen money creation is both a way of raising real money for specific causes in the community and a way of fundraising to buy and destroy £1million of local predatory debts.

Bank Job 5 Traceys


    British Transition Town Money & Micronation Banknotes and Currency