Totnes 1st Issue

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Sometimes called the 'pink unicorn' of the Transition Town world, the Totnes 1st issue has always been a rare animal. Until recently, none had ever appeared to collectors. Recently, a very tatty example appeared on eBay and sold almost immediately for £375.

Curious Banknotes attended the gala to celebrate the end of the Totnes Pound on April 4 this year. The evening was magnificent, with the legendary Rob Hopkings giving a talk on the progress of Transition currency generally and some highlights of the Totnes Pound.

During the evening, we managed to negotiate the purchase of several 1st issue notes. Now the Totnes currency is being withdrawn, these will only increase in value.

We are delighted to offer them to YOU! Check out our sales page here for full details of these rare notes -

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