Rare error issue of a well-known friend!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

The Findhorn One Eko First (Craft) Series is a well known note, and not difficult to find. However, we have just become aware of a very rare variety of this note. If you look at the first picture - this error note does not say "Craft issue".

Findhorn themselves have no idea why it was made and can only suggest it is a previously unnoticed mis-print.

We are happy to offer an example here to our valued collectors! Once these few unearthed sample have gone, they cannot be replaced!


Definitely the hardest currency to place. The Findhorn Eko is not managed by a Transition Town, (Forres has a separate TT group), nor a LETS scheme, (years ago there was a Findhorn and Kinloss LETS scheme, and it is nothing to do with that), so in the absence of anywhere else, the Findhorn notes landed here. In this section, they are unique as they do not have pounds in their name. Alex Walker from Findhorn said, "We will rejoice in our inability to be categorised!" The Eko exchange rate is pegged at one Eko to one Pound Sterling.

Ekopia Resource Exchange Limited is a community benefit co-operative registered as an Industrial and Provident Society in Edinburgh on 6 February 2001. Ekopia has been issuing notes since 6 May 2002, making it the longest running modern local currency in Britain.

Based at Findhorn in West Moray, profits from the use of the currency support several successful ventures in the area, all championing eco principles. The main thrust is through the Findhorn Eco Village, which strives to be one of the most sustainable communities in the country.


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