Prince Leonard of Hutt River passes on

HRH Prince Leonard George Casley 27 August 1925 -- 13 February 2019 - photo by Hon. Hugh Brown

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Prince Leonard. The founder of one of the oldest miconations, Hutt River in Western Australia, died Wednesday morning aged 93.

Leonard Casley seceeded from Australia in 1970, after a disagreement with the government over imposed wheat quotas. Since that time, he has issued stamps, coins and banknotes.

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We received this personal note from CB

"I was honoured to know the prince through email correspondence and an occasional phone call, and it is with great sadness that I pass on this notice. His Highness was a gentle man, devoted to his work on the farm, supporting his family and the continuation of his principality. He was always courteous when we corresponded and a lovely man to deal with. I will miss him. I was awarded the Order of Illustious Merit in 2017 by his son, Prince Graeme, for works done to support the Principality and fully hope to continue to support them in their battles against the Australian Government. My one wish is that someday I can travel to Hutt River and meet Prince Graeme. It will remain a sadness that I never met his father in person.

"Guy Singer"

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