News from Calderdale

One of those notes has just surfaced. You know the sort of notes I mean, the ones that SHOULD exist, you think exist, but have never been seen. This is the unnumbered Calderdale 5 favour. We have known about stocks of unnumbered Calderdale 1/4 favours, 1/2 favours and 1 favour for a long time, in fact we sell them, but the 5 favour itself has been so rare, no copies without numbers had been seen.

That was up until today! Now, a copy has actually come to light, and we have been reliably been told there will be more. Should these actually materialise, they will go on sale in the shop.

Along with this came the (marginally) less rare unnumbered 2 1/2 favour note.

Watch this space to fill those impossible gaps in your collection!


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