New currency from Ourania

Through a friend, we have managed another coup! The Royal Treasury of Norton I has produced currency in the form of 1 Gold Crown notes. Amazingly, we managed to get notes number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Naturally, the number 1 note went into our collection, but the others are available to YOU.

The Treasury of Norton I is overseen by another micronation, the Kingdom of Ourania. If you don't know the incredible story of Emperor Norton, then please look him up on Wikipedia. Needless to say, his orginal dollars from the 1800s are as rare as hen's teeth, and originals are worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you're interested in these notes (the modern ones, not the ones form the 1800s) click here


British Transition Town Money & Micronation Banknotes and Currency