Jeraco and the NSK State

Jeraco's 4th anniversary note

We have received two new notes for the Micronational Collection here both of which will feature in our forthicoming book on Micronational currency.

The first comes from the charming Republic of Jeraco. President Nichols kindly consented to send us an example with a signed certificate of authenticity. The Republic has had an interesting past, being founded in Canada and then moving lock, stock and barrel to Australia. I can confirm through personal discussions with the President that he is a fun-loving young man who takes governing his republic seriously. Here at Curious Banknotes we all wish him well and congratulate him on the Republic's 4th anniversary and hope he presides over many more.

The second note came from the NSK State in New York. This is the final offering from their 2018 bond issue.

The NSK State sepcialise in taking old valueless notes, overprinting them and reissuing them. This Novermber 2018 issue is an overprint of the Yugoslavian 100 Dinar note from 1990.


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