Danny is twelve and wants to be an Earl in his own country. The Earldom of Dania is born; its territory is Danny's bedroom. After a year or so, he decides he wants his own currency to trade between his friends who have added their bedrooms to his ever-expanding Earldom, As Danny has photoshop on his laptop, he decides he will design Dananian Dollars and print them on his inkjet computer. A currency is born. 


A farmer in Australia doesn't like the quota the Australian Government enforced on his wheat production. The farmer secedes from Australia and produces currency, stamps and coins. Despite his independent self-governing territory not being recognised by any country, Prince Leonard refuses to pay taxes and ignores many summonses from the authorities. Another currency is born. 


So it is that micronations come and go. Some last an afternoon, some for many years and some for decades. Some build websites, many go on Facebook, but most stay within a small neighbourhood. Making an exhaustive list is impossible, as is keeping track of it. This is a field that is never complete. This is part of the fun of the game. 


The oldest known micronational currency is Poyaisian Dollars from 1820. We must stress the word KNOWN. Maybe you have older?



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Based in Dekalb, Illinois, this is an extract from their website: "A diplomatic organization that upholds global culture, supports transnationality, promotes corporate social responsibility, protects micro-sustainability, and respects the way of life. We are a nation without borders, with consular districts and organizational territorial jurisdictions in major continents of the world. It is not correct to interpret Amandium as a simulated cyber-world. We transcend national borders without breaching or lessening the sovereignty of other state." They have only issued one banknote, in three varieties, which are available for sale through Curious Banknote. 

Commonwealth of Dracul

"Deo Vindice", meaning "God Vindicates", is the motto of Dracul. The Commonwealth of Dracul was established on September 25, 2017. Dracul is a fledgling, pleasant nation, renowned for its barren, inhospitable landscape and compulsory military service. The hard-working, democratic, devout population of 32 Draculians have civil rights, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, and take part in free and open elections. The nation is based off many ethnicities, including: Russian, Romanian, and German. Their colourful set of six banknotes is available for sale through Curious Banknotes. 

Many more banknotes are available from time to time than can be shown here - please visit our shop regularly to see our new items. 


Currently, notes from the following places are stocked:Aelite, Aerican Empire, Aigues-Mortes, Alcatraz, Amandium, Ankh Morpork (Discworld), Antnapolistan, Empire of Atlantium, Grand Duchy of Avram, Bank Job, Bir Tawil, Republic of Boshka, Principality of Calavi, Calsahara, Christiania, Republic of Delvera, Commonwealth of Dracul, Kingdom of Elleore, Empire Central, Gaerstania & Great Munkkia, Global Country of World Peace, Hadjucka, Hutt River Province, Illes Sant Jordi, Litila, Lunar Dollars, Molossia, Nazione Obscura, Neak Tep, Nova Troie, NSK State, Orania, Osan, Other World Kingdom, Padrahom, Petonian Commonwealth, Reformed Darterian Empire, Riviera, Ruritania, United Territories of Sky Haven, United Egyptian Imperial Republic, UNPEP, Užupis, Vevcani, West Who, Winthroopstan, Yan. 


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